Amsio is leading in cloud. We offer a large variety of cloud- and managed services. From multiple certified data centre's worldwide and via an own IP network, Amsio has a unique position to provide excellent managed infrastructure and hybrid cloud solutions for customers and partners. With a driven team of experts, Amsio relieves her customers and partners by translating complex cloud-infrastructure challenges into comprehensive solutions, so that they can focus on their core-business. Our primary focus is to help our partners to serve their customers. Not only with the Amsio Cloud platform, but also with our knowledge and expertise. We want to do business together with partners. Amsio is not only a provider in cloud infrastructure, but also a partner and trusted advisor. This has convinced hundreds of customers to choose Amsio as a business partner.

Cloud Solutions
Network Solutions
Storage Solutions
Database as a Service Disaster Recovery Infrastructure as a Service (Committed) Infrastructure as a Service (Dedicated) Infrastructure as a Service (PayGo) Managed Services, such as:
  • Managed OS (Windows, Linux/Unix)
  • Managed Backup servers
  • Managed Connectivity
  • Managed Mail-, Web- and database servers (Windows, Linux/Unix)
  • Managed Security Services
Casestudy (Dutch spoken): Why choose Amsio Cloud?
  • Fast and smart deployments of up-to-date cloud servers within minutes;
  • A-class infrastructure with the choice of Hyper-V and VMware hypervisors;
  • Linux, Windows of Unix;
  • Manage your own licenses through our licensing tool;
  • No long-term commitment/contracts;
  • Every cloud server comes with its own operating system license and management software licenses;
  • Platform-integrated back-ups, multiple tiers of storage and a virtual security appliance;
  • Switch between different storage tiers without downtime;
  • Pay-per-Day usage;
  • Fair use policy on network bandwidth use;
  • 99,9% uptime guarantee.