Canopy, an Atos company powered by EMC and VMware, was specifically created to enable organisations to evolve to next generation IT or cloud at their own pace. Canopy is a one-stop shop for cloud computing: we offer everything from consulting services to help you build a cloud strategy that will deliver tangible business outcomes to a broad portfolio of cloud solutions including private cloud, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) – all supported by enterprise-class Service Level Agreements, rock solid security and best of breed technologies.

Canopy Consulting makes the options, benefits and opportunities that the cloud offers clear and attainable for your business. Our approach is designed to ensure you can make the most of improved business agility and cost savings with transparency of IT costs and a long-term roadmap for cloud adoption. Our teams have top-tier consulting backgrounds and first-hand experience driving cloud transformation. We’ll work closely with your business and IT leaders and will provide an analytical, structured approach to sustainable value creation, risk management, resource management and technology optimization.

Canopy Infrastructure provides a range of secure and resilient managed cloud and private cloud platforms designed to meet the needs of enterprise customers. Leveraging the experience from successfully delivering the Olympics infrastructure, Canopy Infrastructure provides flexible solutions suitable for hosting production and business critical workloads without compromising security or compliance.

Platform as a Service from Canopy delivers availability, scalability and agility on another level compared to a traditional IT infrastructure. This cloud-based platform enables the development, composition, distribution and delivery of the applications your business needs, right now. With transparent, usage-based pricing, cost reductions are clear and easily realized with PaaS.

Software as a Service from Canopy gives you access to an array of new solution capabilities to enable business innovation and seamlessly scale without worrying about IT. A growing range of top enterprise solutions are now available as a service through the Canopy Enterprise Application Store which provides a unique way to evaluate and consume those solutions. Self-service access to the applications you need when you need them enables you to manage the speed of deployment as well as keeping track of usage and costs.