With an advanced network of eight strategically located data canters, Expedient offers a broad selection of cloud computing, virtualization, colocation, storage area network, disaster recovery and remote backup solutions - each designed to help organizations reduce their capital expenditures in IT infrastructure, provide security and maintain the availability of critical data. Always staffed and always secure, our SSAE-16 audited data centers offer the advantages of a top tier facility without the financial expense of architecture, design, building and maintenance.

Whether you are looking for a solution to reduce investments in infrastructure, eliminate tedious data replication responsibilities, or break away from the limitations imposed by your physical IT network, Expedient offers a cloud computing solution to match. Built with N+2 redundancy and housed within the walls of our SSAE-16 audited data centers, Expedient's cloud services are engineered to meet your compliance, data availability and security needs:

Private: For the scalability of the cloud and security of a private infrastructure, Expedient's private cloud environment offers the security that comes from housing data in a physically separate environment. Public: Expedient's public cloud solutions provide quick access to robust and scalable on demand computing resources without incurring the up-front-costs of engineering, deploying and maintaining your own environment. Hybrid: While your preference may be to virtualize everything, some systems and data may not be ready for a cloud environment. For this scenario, Expedient has engineered the hybrid cloud, which enables your mission critical data and specialized hardware to be collocated while other systems are hosted from a cloud environment. Colocation: Expedient's colocation services are ideal for those companies who want to run their own physical servers while receiving the full security, technical support and availability advantages of an Expedient SSAE-16 compliant data center.