KT Corporation

kt, leading the development of the information and communications industries of Korea since its foundation in 1981. - A growing corporation, prepared for the age of convergence kt will continue to make efforts to play a leading role in the global market and become a trustworthy company by fulfilling corporate responsibility and ensuring quality service and technology in the age of convergence where voice and data, fixed and mobile, and communications and broadcasting services are converged.

ucloud biz, No.1 Cloud Service Provider in Korea. In Korea, ucloud biz has contained the largest number of customer and made a position that leads state-of-the-art IT infra service. A wide range of enterprise customers have some essential benefits below in ucloud biz.

Reliability: We offer a variety of availability levels that guarantee SLA(Service Level Agreement) between 99.5% and 99.9%. Cost-effective: In ucloud biz, Network traffic fare is free up to 2TB and most of services costs less than do global cloud service providers. Customer-Support: We have always offered 24hx365days technical support via phone and web siteReliability (https://ucloudbiz.olleh.com).