NxtGen provides data center and cloud services from their own high density data center (HDDC™) facilities or they can deploy centrally managed on-premise data centers (OPDC™). Their enterprise cloud services provide private clouds hosted within OPDCs and hosted private clouds or hybrid cloud infrastructure hosted at their HDDCs. NxtGen's business-class infrastructure helps companies simplify IT infrastructure, reduce running costs, and enable business growth by creating additional capacity from existing infrastructure and providing the right public or private infrastructure to meet dynamic business demands. NxtGen provides options and assists it's customers to move into the hybrid cloud world. Intel Capital has invested in NxtGen, as part of this investment Intel and NxtGen are working closely on high density & energy efficient datacenters and performance, security & availability of enterprise-class cloud services.

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Enterprise Cloud Services™ model from NxtGen delivers significant advantages over the available public cloud models, which are delivered over the Internet. Public clouds deliver agility to deployment and rapid capacity scaling. However, Enterprises require control over service delivery environment because of application maturity, performance requirements, Industry or Government regulatory controls, and more importantly business differentiation. NxtGen Enterprise Cloud Services™ combines the specific business value deliverables of both models and offers hosted private clouds for enterprises.

Key differentiators

Key differentiators

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Long-term infrastructure is a Hybrid of private, public and physical resources. Standard cloud services have limitations
    You cannot build private WAN networks, You cannot use existing investments How will you address the issues around specific application demands around dedicated hardware, licensing limitation etc.
Enterprise cloud is the answer - provides the flexibility. Helps customer to chart out a road map into an "Infinite datacenter"