Outscale's Cloud enable your IT infrastructure to automatically match demand within a few seconds, achieving API interoperability and compliance with local country regulations in respect to data sovereignty.

Outscale is a Cloud Provider which you can:

Choose data location according your security and local country regulations needs in North America, Europe and Asia. Integrate an interoperable API with AWS EC2™ and control of your Cloud resources, the way they are allocated, and the way they are used. Scale up your instances to your own needs, with any combination of compute, memory, storage, and OS. Safely deploy your application around the World and improve the performance of your application thanks to a cloud that is integrated with leaders such as Cisco, Intel, Netapp, and Nvidia.


On-Demand Cloud permits you instantly deploy infrastructure, application and services according to your business needs:

  • High Performance Cloud Virtual Machines
  • Compliant instances with Amazon EC2TM
  • Storage
  • High level Block Storage Volume
  • Object Storage Unit
  • Ephemeral SSD
  • Network
  • VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
  • DirectLink
  • Firewall - Security Group / Switching
  • VPN
  • AZ
  • Management
  • Account Management
  • API (Compliance with AWS EC2tm)