OVH is an independent European company. It is the number one host in Europe and is the fourth largest for domain names in the world (source Netcraft January 2012). The biggest advantage of OVH is its unbeatable value for money, which makes it stand out against its competitors in the market. With significant technological advantages, such as an exclusive server cooling system, OVH has always promoted innovation and performance while maintaining an ecological and environmental standpoint. Also hosting numerous radio stations and the largest network of game servers, OVH is now answering the challenge of Cloud Computing.

Private Cloud allows every company to create its own datacentre with a few clicks. A few minutes is all it takes to build a fully operational infrastructure. All components of this infrastructure are dedicated exclusively to one single customer, whether it is RAM, CPU power, disk storage or network access. These elements are always accessible, no matter what happens. Because Private Cloud was designed to ensure 100% network availability to each user. As for resources, everything has been done to prevent failures: each element constituting the hosts and storage are redundant: Dual power, dual network access, dual UPSs, dual switch.