Techgate plc is a leading provider of tailor-made, high availability IT managed services, with a long established background in business continuity. Our approach to Cloud Services is focused on performance and security as much as innovation. All our solutions are delivered from our wholly owned, highly resilient private network infrastructure and UK-only Data Centres in Hoddesdon and Chelmsford.


Techgate’s Enterprise Public Cloud solution, hosted on shared infrastructure, will offer you the flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency through economies of scale of a Public Cloud service, but without the availability, performance, security or compliance risks. Techgate was one of the first Cloud infrastructure providers in EMEA to offer a Public vCloud Powered service accredited by VMware, guaranteeing service levels and providing an additional layer of manageability and automation through the vCloud Director portal, where our customers can create, customise and manage their cloud environment (virtual Data Centre) as they would do with their traditional physical infrastructure and applications.